Abandoning the IndieWeb

It seems to be getting more complicated, not easier.

While I still advocate for the principles behind the IndieWeb I feel more & more remote from most of the tools built out of it.

One of the last things I was using was Aperture (a microsub server) and Together (a microsub reader).

This has been working well as a feed reader, but it's had hiccups. Some sites RSS feeds don't work, but appear fine in other apps. Some feed's entries appear multiple times.

Then I tried to export all the feeds I have been adding. But I can't. Not from Together. Not from Aperture.

There's an export issue filed for Aperture where the solutions are either setting up a different Microsub client that has command line export, or write code on your own site to export the OPML there.

And that's the thing. For me, this feels like there's more barriers than before. I'm doing more work to get the basics done. So I'm throwing in the towel.

I've downloaded NetNewsWire and started manually adding each feed from Aperture.

Best of luck IndieWeb. Maybe I'll pop back in a few years.