A separate Wales

Interesting take on Welsh independence messaging

Andy Clarke had an interesting post on his blog about YesCymru's messaging.

Now. I am not Welsh, and haven't lived in the UK for over 20 years, so I have no dog in this race. But I'm positive becoming an independent country isn't a flip-of-the-switch thing.

Andy brings up some great points about "pushing the positives" and moving it more to having the "ability to grow".

...and no one in Wales has paid prescription charges on medicines since 2007. During the recent pandemic, Wales succeeded in having the lowest rates of COVID infections in the UK.

β€” Andy Clarke, Thoughts on YesCymru

I'm sure people involved will consider how breaking away from the NHS could have an impact on those stats.

Wales has seen it's share of ups-and-downs, and I think eyeing the future through the lens of growth is great. They could even re-join Europe!

Maybe it is time to break up the UK. See how Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland, and England fare.