No Xmas Tree this year

A very odd feeling this Xmas

The night of Christmas Eve. Sitting here with a bottle of Winter Welcome Ale, dog by my feet. Julie & Josh are out looking at the decorations—But it feels different from years past.

For one thing, it's 54℉. Not a speck of snow anywhere. I lost count who may/may not have the Omicron variant of COVID days ago. Us included. Though we are all fully vaccinated, Josh is suffering from some strain of cold virus. I also didn't buy a tree this year.

Time's flown by. Before I knew it we only had a few days left and it didn't seem that important. Don't get me wrong. We have some decorations out. I'll be cooking a Xmas dinner for us, and we'll be opening presents. But no tree.

Last year, amidst the Pandemic, the tree was up in November. Last year felt more, important, to do that.

Maybe 2022 will be different.

But hey, at least the wolves are back in Switzerland and there's now a TV you can taste. Merry Christmas.