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Audio upgrade
Bathing in the Northern Lights
A movie double-bill
A day of totality
I've been streaming on Twitch
Soup Dumplings
Falling behind
Jerk Chicken and ground provision lunch
Brian Eno documentary incoming
Cuddles with my Grandson
Honest Special Bhaji Pav
My music setup
55th Birthday
I am a Grandad
Gas leak!
We now have 3 dogs
Ham and Eggs
My Mother-in-law died
Sushi lunch
App Defaults
Buddha Machine. Finally.
2023-10-27 retro
Foodspotting import complete
Real Tigers
Bandcamp in trouble?
Blocked by YouTube
New-ish music
More thoughts on a digital legacy
Photo 30, September challenge
Photo 28, September challenge
Photo 26, September challenge
Photo 24, September challenge
Photo 23, September challenge
Photo 22, September challenge
Photo 20, September challenge
Photo 19, September challenge
Photo 18, September challenge
Photo 17, September challenge
Reply-My kind of weather
NOM - Homemade biscuits & gravy
Photo 16, September challenge
Photo 15, September challenge
Photo 14, September challenge
Photo 13, September challenge
Photo 12, September challenge
Reply-Who reads my blog?
Photo 11, September challenge
Photo 10, September challenge
Photo 09, September challenge
Photo 08, September challenge
Photo 07, September challenge
Molly Holzschlag died
Photo 06, September challenge
Photo 05, September challenge
The Pox
1000 year long track as radio
Photo 04, September challenge
Photo 03, September challenge
Photo 02, September challenge
Photo 01, September challenge
Arbitrary photo challenge
Oh no
Vegas Dust
Gamers on YouTube I enjoy
YouTube shame pop-up
My Father-in-law died
New power spoiled Destiny 2 storyline for me
Wardrobe change
New soles
The Coronation
Using Kimchi
Game Gather
Potato & Vegetable Croquettes
Lay offs at work
Moving Out
UK Pies and Fries
Gowalla is back
New music haul
Moving hosts
Friends, wine, and music
Eating Ethiopian
54th Birthday
More experiments with Chili
I should do something
Unable to find a post about a CSS reset
361 days to go
Experiments with Chili
First snow
Sunday brain dump
Surrounded by Urban Homesteads
Joy of RSS connections
The Queen is dead
Goodbye UXPA Cleveland
Reply-Thanks David
Reply-Treading Water
You Gotta Hear This!
Filet of Beef au Poivre with Green Peppercorn, Sherry, Cognac & Demi Glacé
A nice night out
Reset the web, again
Reply-The Webmentioning
Reply-Short musings on taking an extended break from the computer
Sharing RSS feeds
Om Malik nails it, again
2022-07-24 retro
The Comfort Lounge
Destiny 2 catch-up
Reply-My Text Editors
I used to be connected
Project finished
Dad's cassette tapes
My Mum died
Another adult in the house
Passport renewal
Reply—How can I improve the typography on my site?
Back in the USA
Cracking spy thriller
Show is on a break or finished
Fish & Chips
A doner to remember
Timing Tests
Homemade ramen
London Road
That travel muscle memory
I am an emotional wreck
Well that was a shit week
Slogging through PvP
Pastrami Reuben sandwich
53rd Birthday
Dogs in snow
Curry past
Reply—Email to RSS
Bye-bye wisdom tooth
My blog in 2008
Car accident
Ghost sign hunting
New phone
Ramen, plus leftovers
webmention test
No Xmas Tree this year
On drinking a cuppa
Adding bookmarks
Validators, checkers, and a favicon
Doesn't have to be money driven
Babies, wineries, and a power cut
Website updates
I forgot about Medium
NOM - Sausage Gravy
Genesis Live
Fading away
First real snowy day
Thanksgiving 2021
This week
A quiet Halloween
Facebook/Meta announcement
Bait and switch from Insight Editions
Winter is coming
Video games
SlideShare shenanigans
Unconscious IA
Supernatural slogfest
Some lists
Cancelled concert
R.I.P. Sir Clive Sinclair
This too will disappear when I die
Amazon removes public wishlists from public view
NOM - Chilaquiles
NOM - Homemade guacamole
Abandoning the IndieWeb
A separate Wales
Caveman Wishes
Game Night
Intermittent frustration
Last pizza
The book, of the website, of the cabins
Yakiniku Don
Celebrating 100 years
Josh has a new camera
Cauliflower Cheese
A public service announcement from EightShapes
I used to be a cinephile
Instant ramen with raw egg
On the reaction to casting Death
Egg and avocado on English Muffin
Organizational Dream
Shoyu Ramen
Pandemic Distribution
Walking dogs in the sun
Red Lentil Curry
Post Pandemic Concerts?
Lazy Sunday
BBVA mess up Simple transfer
Changing to <figure>
Fried ramen bowl
Lamb Balti
Big changes at Basecamp
Documenting food
Roadtrip back to normal
2nd Jab
An Event Apart, Spring Summit - Day one
Style updates
He's 17
Diving into The Long Dark
Adam Curtis has a new film
Code updates
1st Jab
NOM - Jerk Chicken
She's one year older
fifty two
I found a kindred voice, too late
No longer an orchestra
Photo | Afterward | 001
Things I want from The Division 3, part 2
My bank is closing
2021-01-10 retro
This could have been worse
Things I want from The Division 3
Lessons from a coal fire
New Years Day
Music finds of 2020
Another Xmas done
NOM - Lil Smokies
Website updates
Pie & Mash
Where have all the websites gone?
NOM - I made sausage rolls!
First day playing Cyberpunk 2077
It's finally here
Leaving Twitter and Instagram
Toasting the trimmed tree
Wiring up to Twitter
Using iBroadcast for playing my music collection online
2020-11-25 retro
Meet Milo
YouTube errors
Hear, hear
Google is losing me, day by day
Off to recycling...
Google finally kills Play Music
NOM - Eggplant Curry Rice
UX failure during the COVID-19 pandemic
Goodbye Gaelic Imports
I could hear her...
The new old me
NOM - Left over hash
2020-05-09 retro
New tools
New beginnings
2020-04-16 retro
Coffee prep
Laid-off today
...everyone is in this thing together and this too shall pass
NOM - Leftovers for breakfast
Work From Home
Living in a Pandemic
A new Middle Ages?
Birthday Pie
2020-01-26 retro
2020-01-22 retro
2020-01-20 retro
Fridge sandwich
Capturing something
Considered blogging
Problems with Eleventy pagination
A warm Christmas
Thank you breakfast
WFH Breakfast
Departmental cooking
Declaring podcast bankruptcy
People are starting to want to own content again?
Lunch with Josh
Crow Tree
Hypertext in my Markdown
NOM - Spicy Chao Shou
Problem with Eleventy, RSS, and images
Art or Decoration?
Code cleanup and the emergency room
All trimmed up
Tis The Season
Ambient music from an American painter
Green across the board
Handling broken links
Hello World
Beef Curry Soup With Vermicelli Noodles
Seoul Dog
Chicago Dog
The Malnati Chicago Classic
Shrimp Rice Crepes
Turnip Cake
Collinwood Pizza
Smoky Mushroom Burger
Shrimp Dumpling
Lemon Chicken
Lunchtime Buffet
Raspberry And Lemon Doughnut
Egg And Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
Spicy Grilled Cheese
Onion Rings
Patty Melt
Frisco Melt And Fries
Lunchtime Buffet
Shrimp Poboy
Tuna Melt
Chicken Bowl
Western Breakfast Bagel
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Braised Duck
Soup Dumplings
Farmhouse Skillet
Cheddar Beer Burger
Corned Beef Hash
Bi Bim Bap
Lunchtime Buffet
Bacon, Blue Cheese, And Fennel Empanada
Pepporoni Pizza
Duck noodle soup
Lunchtime Indian Buffet
Black And Blue Dawg
Lemon Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
Brisket Burger
Chicken Tenders
Summer Crab Roll
Bangkok Bazaar
Pepporoni Pizza
Polish Girl Combo
Corned Beef Hash
Chorizo, Corn, And Queso Empanadas
Wild Tuna Poke
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Spicy Chicken Primetime Nachos
Lunchtime Indian Buffet
The Black and Bleu Burger
Little Italy Pizza
Beet Salad
Coronation Chicken Sandwich
Turkey Panini
Moroccan Chickpea Soup
Red Curry with Chicken
Corned Beef Hash
General Tso's Chicken
Sweet And Sour Chicken
Pot Stickers
Sausage Calzone
Toffee Apple Donut
Grasshopper Concrete
California Skillet
Thai Peanut Bowl
Chorizo Seared Brussel Sprouts
New York Hot Dog
Mushroom & Spinach Scramble
Western BBQ 'n' Bacon Steakburger and fries
Italian Trio Tasta And Corn Salad
Lunchtime Buffet
Ohio City Pasta Of The Day
Bangkok Bazaar
Corned Beef Hash
Small Meatball Sub
Pancakes and bacon
Patty Melt
Pork Sweet And Sour
Chicken Dhansak
Breakfast Platter Meal
Double Teen Burger
Prime Rib sandwich
Chicken Paprikash
Sausage & Egg Sandwich
Breakfast Platter with Sausage
Porter Beef Pie
Miso Noodle Broth Bowl
Lunchtime Buffet
Lamb Gyro
Chicken Chili Verde
Happy 40th 2000AD
Frisco Melt
Chocolate Milkshake
Coastal Bowl
The Alaskan
Cubano Sandwhich
Lunchtime Buffet
Cheesesteak Sandwich
Lunchtime Buffet
Fried Chicken Sandwhich
Duck noodle soup
Sausage Pizza Slice
Small Meatball Sub
Hotcakes, Bacon, Egg
Dirty Tots Pulled Pork
Chipotle Double Burger
Tom Yum Kung
Corned Beef Hash With Eggs And Grits
Bibimbab Galbi
Spicy Grilled Cheese
Boneless Chicken
Chicken Dum Biryani
Lunchtime Buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Backyard BBQ Bowl
Americas, With Chicken And Brown Rice
Lunch Buffett
Coconut And Cranberry Bun
Chicken Paprikash
No.8 Phở Tái Nạm Gầu
Mexico City Bowl
Petie's Chopped Steak
General Tso's Chicken
Crab Rangoon
Cherry Strudel
Curry Chicken Rice Bowl
Future living
Curry Chicken Rice Bowl
Going into @twitter post-only mode for a while.
Pork Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Saigon Bowl
Sausage Burrito
Everything Bagel With Black Pepper & Horseradish Schmear
Coastline, With Chicken And Brown Rice
Infused Cucumber Lime Water
Egg custard
Wasabi Turkey Club Sandwich
Assorted Italian
Beef Pho
Bi Cuon (Shredded Pork Rolls)
Sausage & Egg Biscuit
Pad Thai Country Style
Lemon Loaf
BBQ Pork Rice Bowl
Kimchee Dolsot Bibimbab
Chicken Tacos
Instagram’s timeline and iOS users…
My 4 essential UX project tools
Spotify is not for me
Is the OpenWeb/IndieWeb still for “anoraks”?
Two Timer Taco
Yardbird Taco
Cherry Cake Donut
Broccoli And Cheddar Soup
Asiago Steak Sandwich
Spicy Cheddar Smokies
Cheese, Jalapeño, Potato Pierogi
Chicken Vindaloo Curry
Beef Brisket
1/4 Chicken
Dr Pepper Braised Pork Shank
Beer Braised Brisket Sandwich
Bacon, Dates & Goat Cheese Empanada
All You Can Eat Sushi
Sashimi And More
Lunch Buffet
Chicken Tacos
Corned Beef Hash
The Bazzard
Corned Beef Sliders
Drunken Chicken
Turkey burger
Italian Sausage Sub
Hummos Chicken Plate
Backyard Mint and Dark Chocolate
Dangers for celebrities on Twitter
Gary's 15 minutes of truth...
I remember what the future was like...
Ma.gnolia goes open source...
It's all about sharing your content...