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Hear, hear
Google is losing me, day by day
Off to recycling...
Google finally kills Play Music
NOM - Eggplant Curry Rice
UX failure during the COVID-19 pandemic
Goodbye Gaelic Imports
I could hear her...
The new old me
NOM - Left over hash
2020-05-09 retro
New tools
New beginnings
2020-04-16 retro
Coffee prep
Laid-off today
...everyone is in this thing together and this too shall pass
NOM - Leftovers for breakfast
Work From Home
Living in a Pandemic
A new Middle Ages?
Birthday Pie
2020-01-26 retro
2020-01-22 retro
2020-01-20 retro
Fridge sandwich
Capturing something
Considered blogging
Problems with Eleventy pagination
A warm Christmas
Thank you breakfast
WFH Breakfast
Departmental cooking
Declaring podcast bankruptcy
People are starting to want to own content again?
Lunch with Josh
Crow Tree
Hypertext in my Markdown
NOM - Spicy Chao Shou
Problem with Eleventy, RSS, and images
Art or Decoration?
Code cleanup and the emergency room
All trimmed up
Tis The Season
Ambient music from an American painter
Green across the board
Handling broken links
Hello World