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David Mead

David Mead

David Mead

David Mead

First impressions of #AnthemGame

2 min read

Anthem is a new game from Bioware and EA Games.  The demo released this weekend so I thought I'd spend a little time running through it.

Before I could get started I had to login with an EA/Origin account. This meant searching old emails and finally doing a password reset.

Screenshots seemed disabled, so no photos yet.

Now I'm in, I have to say, the world looks great. Has a slight Afro-futurist version of a Morocco souk vibe to it. Being a demo there's only 2 people you can talk with, so I ended up with a lot of "content not available" pop-ups.

screenshot - Fort Tarsis

After accepting "the mission" I actually chose Freeplay (which is a roam around and do stuff mode). Climbed into my Javelin (souped-up Iron Man suit) and off I went.

screenshot - Javelin suit in Fort Tarsis

The environment is beautiful and teeming with "life". Flying overheats your suit, going through water cools it down.
Running out of the approved map was very annoying and I hope this was because it's a demo.

screenshot - Flying in a Javelin suit

It took a couple of tries to grok what was happening with my first encounter. I died and ran out of ammo - a lot. I couldn't see what I was supposed to do. I did notice these appeared and disappeared around me a couple of times which I found weird.

I could see other players on the map, even got messages they needed help. I couldn't set a way point or find their direction after leaving the map which was frustrating.

screenshot - map

There felt like a lot of reading to do in the sub-menus and I didn't find a comfortable entry point.
I'm going to be playing this some more over the weekend. Midnight was probably not the best time to start.