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David Mead



3 loads of anaesthetic, and lots of drilling. About to get the temporary crowns out in.


David Mead

Lost digital music

2 min read

As Warren Ellis searches out physical copies of his music collection, I got to thinking of the various digital music products that I can no longer access.

Loscil - Adrift

This first appeared for iOS and I waited to get the Android version. Turns out he couldn't get it through the regular app store, only Amazon's version (size limitations?). I had to install Amazon's store on my Nexus 7, then download it through there.  I liked it, but it never quite worked all the time and would shut off.

Since my Nexus 7 died, this has been lost to me as it won't download to the older Kindle I'm using.

A (non-endless) version of  'Bannockburn',  is on Bandcamp.

Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers - Bloom: 10 Worlds

Again, something released on iOS, Bloom was a great generative music app.  I used to play it on my wife's 1st Gen. iPad, but it never came to Android.  A decade later, 'Bloom: 10 Worlds' appeared in Google Play.

I would set this going then throw it to my Chromecast to have it playing through the TV. When my Nexus 7 died so dit it-unable to run on my newer Pixel 2 phone. Peter Chilvers himself replied when i ran into this...

"Unfortunately there’s an audio glitch that only occurs on the Google Pixel range, so we took the precaution of excluding it until that can be fixed. At time of writing, it seems to be beyond our control, but if we can find a way to work around it, we’ll make it available."

I live in hope.

MUJI - MUJI to Sleep

This was an app that would play nature sounds to help you sleep.  One of the extra cool things it did was...

"Use the smartphone's light and camera to measure your pulse. From countless sound combinations, the best relaxing music for you is created."

It's now branded 'MUJI to Relax', so that's a win.  MUJI has a good article on sleep too.


In the back of my mind I remember a Flash/SSEYO Koan thing too. It was an early generative music player, but I lost that late 90's.

David Mead

The Ark of Taste

1 min read

Only today have I found out about "The Ark of Taste". It's mentioned in an article about rare pasta, shared via Slack channel.

A quick search led me to a YouTube video (embedded below) from 2016. It only had 55 likes, 4 dislikes, 1 comment, but 11,220 views.  It's an interesting idea.

Described on the @arkoftaste Twitter profile as...

...the international project from @SlowFoodHQ that promotes by cataloging people’s alerts on the foods we risk losing

The last post there was October 2015. The link to the homepage of the Twitter bio leads to a 404, but it is part of SlowFoodHQ.

Going there reveals 4930+ Ark of Taste products. A few more clicks took me to which seems to be this Ark's Mount Ararat.

These are dishes, plants, and animals that a slowly being erased from memory and the environment.  It's weird to see 179 products in The Ark from the UK.  Especially as this is EU backed, and with the recent Brexit results, the UK seems to want to be forgotten itself.