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David Mead

Listened to the album, Spleen and Ideal

By Dead Can Dance

Diving into this frigid Tuesday with some classic DCD.

David Mead

Listened to the soundtrack of Amélie

By Yann Tiersen

David Mead

David Mead

Changing a plugin for Known (coding) #indieweb

2 min read

I wanted to change up how a plugin worked on my blog. Namely the Listen one.


Looking at it after install if allowed me to capture someting I had listened too. I could link to somewhere that'd let others here it, and put in "cover art" and some notes.  All fantastic.

screenshot of Listen post

Couple of things I wanted to change:

  • artist closer to the title, and not after my notes
  • icon indicating song, podcast, etc.
  • definition between my notes and what I had listened to

Breaking stuff

So I "forked the repo" and basically spent today pulling apart and putting back togther PHP code that I had no idea did what.

I found that the 'listen types' weren't being pulled through to assign an icon to, so I commented out a large section and replaced it with a simple <select> element.  This seems to have worked, though I don't know (yet) how to retain what I selected if I edit the post.

I've now got it looking a lot more how I wanted and it sees the listen type and shows the matching icon.

screenshot of new Listen posts

Also did some more changes while I was feeling brave:

  • I added a lot more types including soundtrack and audio book
  • Changed the titles to past tense
  • Updated the edit page by matching labels to fields, wrapping fields in <p>, and changed some of the language used there too

Going forward

I've posted on the IRC that I've made the changes, so I'll see if, and how, anyone wants to merge these into the plugin.

I'd love to get Last.FM and Huffduffer integrated so they post automagically.


David Mead

Listened to the song, Appleshine (film edit)

By Underworld

Appleshine is a free download, as part of thier 'Drift' experiment. Really like that Underworld do these creative projects every once and awhile, and this track is very good.

David Mead

David Mead

Listened to the song, Five

By Lamb

Heard this on Groove Salad and was taken back to the late 90's. Love that plucked bass sound.

David Mead

Listened to the album, SEQUENCE3

By Various

Digging through my Google Play I re-descovered this "name your price" complitaion from the Futuresequence label.

A lot of good tracks here, very much in the instrumental style of Stars of the Lid or Kyle Bobby Dunn, made from loops, guitars, and drones.

David Mead

David Mead

Listened to the stream of Groove Salad on Soma FM

By Various