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David Mead

Stella lineup @adactio - I'm looking forward to @rachelandrew's workshop this week in Cleveland at @rustbeltrefresh. Time to dive into with both feet :-)

David Mead

Theming Known, overriding Bootstrap and base styles.

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While the blog isn't 100% where I want it (Wordpress imports and Instagram imports not working yet), I thought I'd start giving a theme a go.

Before I dove in with posts etc., there was some internal housekeeping I want to tidy up.ย  Namely, the settings and configuration pages.

The 'tabs' always seemed off.ย  Applying my go to .red class (border: 1px solid red!important;) to identify things, I could see why.

(screenshot) overlapping tabs with a red border

Time to start plugging away at some Bootstrap overrides.