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David Mead

I'm going to stop consuming "the web" for a while. Feel beaten from advertising and negativity

1 min read

Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have rampant ads and skewed toxicity that the companies can't (or won't) address.

Large swathes of "online news" sites are echo chambers from half-read tweets riding on anger and clickbait thumbnails & titles.

Even the community of how we build and publish on the web feels angry and combative.

So, I'm going to take a break. Log out from these places. Shutter this site (I may take it down) as I still can't get it working the way I want.

I have hope for the IndieWeb gaining more traction. I have hope that this is a dark valley social media can pull itself out from.

See you whenever. Have a better one.

David Mead

It's time to unfollow everyone with 'Paid partnership with...' on their @instagram posts again <sigh>. Life, and my attention, is too short to have that weed its way into places I have some control.