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David Mead

Shed a tear as @silverbackapp has retired

1 min read

Yep. By far one of my favourite tools for user research, Silverback, is now retired. Big thanks to everyone who worked on it.

screenshot from website

As of 1 May 2019, Silverback is no longer available to download and purchase. We will continue providing support to Silverback customers for 6 months after that date, and release critical critical updates if necessary.

I'll keep running Silverback for as long as I can, but now I'm on the look out for an alternative.

David Mead

I agree with @jsnell here

Please don't invoke "UX" as a reason to install open local web servers on your users computers (ugh!).
"legitimate solution to a poor user experience..." -

David Mead

Great short, presented by @Huckberry & @chacousa, called '(people) of water'.
/by @forestwoodward @gnarlybay

David Mead

A little more dad-streaming on , live on Twitch - Watch

David Mead

Updating Known to Version: 0.12.2

2 min read

With the IndieWeb Summit going on, I thought it a good time to update this blog to the latest version.


  • backed up the MySQL database for the site
  • copied the site, via FTP, to my local machine
  • downloaded latest zipped file from
  • unzipped and FTP’d new files over to server, apart from the Uploads and Configuration folders
  • refreshed in browser and voila! content is still there
  • revoked all IndiePub account access (not needed but wanted a fresh start on this build) and logged back in to:
  • added back in Food and Listen plugins from my local backup

Going forward

So far so good. OwnYourGram still doesn't want to work with my server for some reason. Nothing is being pulled in to Together so maybe that needs a little time.

The most notable changes are tidying up of the settings and configuration sections which looks great. There's also a new (updated?) editor which is cleaner and works well.

My existing Twitter plugin broke the site, so I pulled down a new version from GitHub.


David Mead

It's time to unfollow everyone with 'Paid partnership with...' on their @instagram posts again <sigh>. Life, and my attention, is too short to have that weed its way into places I have some control.

David Mead

David Mead

"I’m sure the arcane masters of handrolled Indieweb, who remain incapable of communicating in colloquial English, are having a good laugh at all this." - LOL. No @warrenellis, we're just as frustrated sometimes :-)

David Mead

LOL - So very true :-)

David Mead

Oh crap. Now I only seem to be able to buy Newcastle Brown Ale, brewed by Lagunitas!
UK beers are really hard to find now :-(