Adding a 1st Gen Chromecast as a Roon display

I'd seen a few posts about enabling displays in Roon. This would let you see the album artwork, track details, etc. show on a TV.

So I dug out my 1st generation Chromecast from the basement, plugged it in to the TV, and gave it a factory reset.

Nothing. The Google Home app did not seem to recognize it at all. Even after multiple attempts.

Luckily a quick search on Duck-Duck-Go surfaced a Reddit post.

In his steps he had to go into his iphone wifi settings and connect to the Chromecast's own self-created wifi network. I had a look on my phone and there it was, so I connected to that, shut down the Google Home app and reopened it, searched for devices again and hey presto, it picked up the chromecast. After, it then prompted me to select the actual network and I was all set up in the space of 5 minutes.

β€” cowegonnabechopps, Reddit r/Chromecast

Following this worked out great. In about 10 minutes I had the Chromecast on my network, in the Google Home app, and showing up as a selectable display in Roon.

tv showing what music track is playing
Album artwork, photos, and details shown on TV