Bathing in the Northern Lights

Unexpected display of aurora borealis over Ohio

After turning off the Xbox on Friday, Julie said we're supposed to be able see the Northern Lights tonight.

Heading outside I looked up. I could make out shifting patterns in the sky, almost like faint sunlight on a dark wall.

It was only when I pointing my iPhone's camera to it that I saw all the colours. Amazing!

pink swirls in the sky

A severe geomagnetic storm was covering our part of Earth, and we were reaping the benefits with this light show.

a green band moving above us

Neither of us had seen this before, so we stood on the patio. Necks bent upwards, looking through our phones at the bands of colour moving above us.

wave of purple hugging the horizon

Saturday was supposed to be the height of the storm, but we were covered in cloud and rain.

So glad we caught it on Friday.