A movie double-bill

On Sunday I really needed a break, so I decided to catch up on some movies. My local Regal is offering showings before noon for only $6. So I caught Civil War alone. Then Josh & I went in the afternoon to see Dune 2β€”We were the only ones in the 4pm showing.

Civil War

Alex Garland's Civil War is a very intense road trip. Following the journey of 4 war reporters, from NYC to Washington D.C., in their goal of interviewing The President.

On the way we get teases of how the USA got to this point, but no real explanations. Garland been knocked for the films apolitical stance, but I think it works well here. This alt-history pays more attention to the photo-journalists and their subjects, than the sides of the war itself.

Some of the vignettes are harrowing to say the least. With silence amping the tension and near perfect (though some may find odd) needle drops covering the aftermath.

Performances were great, and the finale really makes an impact. I really enjoyed this, and it may be one of my favourite of Garland's films.

Dune 2

As we saw Dune in the cinema, I wanted to do the same for the sequel. Dune 2 starts with Princess Irulan recounting a version of events from the first movie, before plunging into loud spectacle.

As with the first one, Denis Villeneuve and Hans Zimmer immerse us in the scale of the story. The cinematography and sound design was outstanding. It takes it time and introduces a new slate of characters, while still showing Paul's slip into bringing on a Holy War.

A worthy continuation to the first film, and I can't wait to see if they can pull off Dune Messiah.