A day of totality

Witnessing a total eclipse from Cleveland, OH

Today the moon passed between us and the sun, and we got to spectate in that most wonderful of natural phenomenons—A total eclipse.

Around 2.30pm people started gathering in their back gardens. Glasses on, we would look up and see the sun slowly being obscured.

blurry photo of eclipse starting, taken with iPhone13 mini

Around 3.15pm EST the sky darkened, the temperature dropped, both street & solar lighting turned on, and a bright silver ring hung in the air where the sun had been.

It was amazing, weird, slightly unsettling, and exhilarating.

Cheers, fireworks, and Bonnie Tyler's "total eclipse of the heart" soon filled the quietness.

the silver ring of the total eclipse

I snapped a couple of photo's on my iPhone, but not anything that conveyed what we saw with our eyes.

For a couple of seconds I turned East and everything was brightly illuminated, while behind me was still dark.

And then it was over.

Julie & I had see an eclipse in the UK before we moved to the USA, but Essex hadn't been in the path of totality.

This was special.