I've been streaming on Twitch

In the past I've played The Division & The Division 2 on stream. Even been part of an official Ubisoft stream, which was fun.

But this year I have been making an effort to be consistent.

If you visit my schedule on Twitch you'll see I stream on 3 different days.


Wednesday night is The Long Dark. I'm pushing myself on the slightly harder level.

Saturday mornings are "cozy" games. More narrative focused. I played through Coffee Talk 2 and now I'm in Opus: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom Edition.

Sunday morning is Destiny 2. Fast-paced space shooter.

Relaxing with friends

A few friends, in and out of work, have been streaming too. It's been nice just popping in-an-out of Chris's or Devon's streams. As well as seeing them in my chat.

It's all very low-stakes and chill, which is what I'm gravitating to these days.