The Pox

Julie got shingles at the end of July. Not great.

On August 4th I went and got jabbed with the first dose of the shingles vaccine.

On the weekend on the 12th Julie's shingles have pretty much gone, and I started itching.

Sitting with the Doctor on the 15th she tells me "well it's not shingles. Have you had chickenpox?" I tell her I grow up during the 70's in the UKβ€”I've had everything.

The rash is on both sides (shingles presents only on one) and across my back. A working theory is a reaction to the vaccine.

As I was already exposed to the shingles from Julie, then injected with live chickenpox, it all hit the fan.

I'm on my way with a letter stating I'm contagious (work from home / not to mix in public). Pick up 2 sets of tablets, one nearly as big as my little finger!

At its height I felt covered in sunburnt poison ivy! Unable to get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time. Smell of Calamine lotion triggering childhood memories. Juggling that, work, and traveling between two (empty) houses for family, took its toll.

It's now September and after speaking to the Doctor's office I'm still WFH until the 11th. Apparently it takes as long as it takes because it's a virus. The pox does seems to be loosening its hold, down to that of a mildly itchy jumper.

Feeling I've been through the wringer I hope now it's not too long until I bounce back.