Vegas Dust

And you can never see further than your headlights.

car headlights drive away from a city at night
Atlas Minor
Vegas Dust
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I've been reading James A. Reeves blog, Atlas Minor, for sometime now. He did a post a day in 2020, now collected as Notes from the end of a world which I enjoyed.

Moving from New York to Nevada was also captured on the blog, and now he's released this album. Maybe a companion piece to the journey?

From the liner notes

A few minutes after midnight in the Mojave desert, a preacher appears on a dead radio channel: “The devil’s job is to deceive you. The devil’s job is to make you think that God can’t do nothin’ for you, that God don’t care about you.”

— James A. Reeves, Album page on Bandcamp

There is a definite sense of driving at night. Shapes looming up, then receding, in your headlights. Standing under the bright fluorescence of a gas station, peering into the dark.

Snippets from AM radio shows weave in-and-out of the slowly evolving atmospheres. Everything covered in a grainy crackle.

I've had this on heavy rotation the past couple of days.

Would make a great companion to some Stars of the Lid.