Gamers on YouTube I enjoy

There are a handful of video games I play extensively on the Xbox. Three I play the most are The Division 2, Destiny 2, and The Long Dark.

Each of those have been around for over 5 years; Building, changing, and expanding.

These are the YouTube accounts I follow to keep me in-the-loop. If you play, check them out.

The Division 2

  • NothingButSkillz I've watched since playing the original Division game. Gameplay and general news
  • DodRegenbue is fantastic for build-crafting. Going in-depth with stats & talent interactions
  • Hutchler is a new follow (via DodRegnbue). Speedrunner putting out some very interesting guides and history videos
  • LtBuzzLightbeer is another person from the original Division game. Less gameplay, more general video game news now
  • Ronin Kaze shares his builds and gameplay
  • NGN puts out great lore videos, and has even had his work used by Massive Studios, creators of the game

Honorable mentions to Lyrical Fighter and AArtjoMM. I'm no PvP'er but these two are good, and make me laugh.

Destiny 2

  • Time Sausage is a barmy Welshman putting out gameplay and really good walkthroughs
  • Aztecross is fun to watch and puts together some very good long-form pieces about the state of Destiny
  • My Name Is Byf puts together rich, in-depth, videos explaining the lore within the game. And theres a lot
  • Datto, was a go-to for his "vault cleaning" videos. And, like Aztecross, puts out some pieces about the direction of the game too
  • AbbyHour was the first person to explain DIM and loadout optimization in a way that made sense to me
  • Paul Tassi is a writer for Forbes who shares his personal views about Destiny (and other games)

The Long Dark

There is only one YouTube channel I watch for the The Long Dark and that's Zaknafein. Great videos showing walk-throughs, gameplay, and his take on the direction of the game.