New power spoiled Destiny 2 storyline for me

With less than a week left in the current season, I've finally came back to finish the storyline for Lightfall. The reason? It's the new power they introduced, Strand.

I found Strand annoying. So much so, that I abandoned the campaign storyline and have only played the seasonal content up to this weekend.

One of the trailer reveals is the introduction of being able to act like Spiderman—Swinging around this new neon city called Neomuna. Great!

Only not so much.

As part of each story mission you run across these "strand columns" which gives you the new power for a limited time. I get it from a story and ability introduction view, but the grapple ability is tied to your grenade slot. Meaning it has a limited amount and a cooldown. And I lose grenades as an "ad clear" option.

If I mis-timed the swing or release, and I used up the 2 swings I had, I died from falling. Meaning I go back to the last checkpoint and then have to wait for the grenade energy to build up again. I found this infuriating.

This weekend I sat down and forced myself to finish the story. I did not have much fun, which is a real shame as everything else (storyline, setting) was right in my wheelhouse.

Now it's completed, I unlocked Strand as a usable power and found out you don't even have to use the grapple. There are other actual grenades that I can equip in that slot. In the story mission you weren't given any other option.

This was such a wasted opportunity. It has soured me on using this power in the game.

Here's hoping that none of the upcoming story missions need the use of Strand's grapple.