Wardrobe change

This weekend saw the start of 立夏・Rikka, according to the Small Seasons Guide.

立夏・Rikka・Start of Summer

The songs of summer begin. Frogs start their singing, and birds chirp in the forests. Worms surface from underground, bamboo shoots begin to sprout.


So I figure this serves as good a reason as any to swap out to my Summer wardrobe.

To be clear I am in no way a "fashion horse" (cue Balenciaga vs. H&M meme). This is more swapping out my heavy socks and t-shirts with lighter weight ones. Away go the majority of long sleeved shirts, replaced with short sleeved.

A few items go in the donate pile thanks to my Winter-induced belly expansion. Hopefully this comes down a little so the same fate doesn't befall my favourite Summer shirts.

Over the years I've cultivated this habit, mainly due Ohio's swing between bitter Winters and searing Summers.