New soles

hand holding brown leather shoes

In 2016 I dropped off some clothes at Goodwill. I was in the market for some replacement shoes so I thought I'd look here. Lo-and-behold I found a brown pair (that fit) for about $30.

Slightly worn and made by a brand I'd never heard of, Mephisto. After a quick clean they became my go-to pair.

Last year I noticed they had worn down considerably, so I looked to get a new pair. It was then that I discovered 1) Mephisto shoes are in the over $300 range and 2) they offered a refurbishment service for about $160.

After a slight delay, due to parts coming from France, I received my (virtually) new shoes complete with cedar blocks, new laces, and fully polished.

Here's to another 6 years of wear.