The Coronation

Today was The Coronation of King Charles III.

I didn't wake up early for it, though did lend my Union Jack to Rena who watched it live.

I caught up with the BBC's live stream on YouTube. It captured all the pomp and ceremony.

Certainly hit me in the "the feels" when Zadok the Priest (Handel's Coronation Anthem No. 1) started during the anointing. Was a favourite piece of music for my Dad.

This is the first coronation to happen in my lifetime. Though I have seen footage of Queen Elizabeth's, I didn't remember how much moving around there was. Lots of undressing, dressing, changing chairs. This "dance" choreographed over hundreds of years.

I spoke to my sister later in the day. She'd caught most of it on TV. Tomorrow there is a street party happening. Hopefully the rain will hold off for them. I wonder if there'll be Coronation Quiche"?