Moving Out

Big day today. Huge, even.

I took the day off work and helped Josh move out.

The past week has been spent making sure he's packing all of his stuff into every available box, tote bin, and suitcase we have. Getting it moved downstairs to the garage. Staged for a quick loading today.

Last Sunday we took him him shopping to make sure he had the essentials. Salt, pepper, their requisite shakers, dried goods (rice, cereal, etc.), cleaning goods, a microwave. Toilet paper. Anything you "expect" to be there when you reach for it.

A 10:30am we picked up the U-Haul he booked and started packing, with the help of his friend Jack. Around midday the convey set off.

Jack's Dad driving the truck, followed by three cars full of clothes, food, and miscellaneous "stuff".

Two-and-half hours later we arrived and started lugging everything upstairs to the new apartment.

furniture randomly placed in empty room

Jack and his Dad returned the empty U-Haul and started the trip back. I stayed, unpacking my car, while Josh picked up Kris.

After thanks and hugs I made the drive back (with the microwave, as it came with one), leaving them to get situated and deciding where everything should go.

It's been a long day and I ache all over.

Big day today.