UK Pies and Fries

Delicious UK style pies now in Lakewood

My Sister-in-law sent me a video of a new place opening on the other side of Cleveland. Called UK Pies and Fries they serve "British style pies" along with chips (fries) and gravy.

Located round the corner from Gray House Pizza (same building, same owners), the small storefront has counter seating for 3.

Today they had Cheese & Potato, Mexican Chicken, and Steak & Ale on offer. I went for Steak & Ale with gravy on the chips.

Other customers were a woman from Sheffield whose been here for 17 years, and an American Grandmother who loves BritBox and wanted to try some UK grub. They both got the food to-go, where I sat at the counter to eat.

Steak and ale pie with chips and gravy

I made ample use of the HP Sauce and Malt Vinegar provided. The pie was delicious. A nice thick crust with a hearty filling of meat. Large portion of chips, which were good, and the gravy was ok. With a drink it only cost $13, which is a steal.

Chatting with one of the friendly staff, she told me they are hoping to expand the pie choices when the Head Baker (originally from Hull apparently) returns. I echoed the lady from Sheffield in suggesting Curry Sauce and Mushy Peas as additions; Both staples in Chip Shops back home.

I also got to sample a homemade Bakewell Tart which was very good.

This was some of the most authentic UK food I've had since moving to Cleveland. Definitely worth the drive, and I'm looking forward to another visit soon.