Eating Ethiopian

I saw that the owners were looking to sell Empress Tatyu and retire after 31 years in business.

I've only eaten Ethiopian cuisine twice. One of those times at Empress Tatyu. This is the latest of a spate of Cleveland institutions closing.

I mentioned it on Slack and Chris arranged a reservation.

Josh & I arrived at 6.30pm. Meeting Rachel, Laura & Kris, Chris & Cathrine, and Tina & Damon.

The place was packed, staff friendly, and the smells were great as you enter by the kitchen.

After some appetizers I ordered the Meat and Veggie Combo. This consisted of Dorowat (Chicken), Tikil Gomen (Vegetable Stew), Kik-alicha (Yellow Split Peas), and Misir (Red Lentils). All of this served of a bed of Injera (sour-fermented pancake).

meat and vegetable combo, served on injera

It was delicious, and very filling. I also got to try some of the lamb the Cathrine ordered. Also delicious.

We ended the evening with the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony...

A traditional, leisurely ceremony starting with the roasting of green Ethiopian coffee beans in the kitchen. The smoking pan of aromatic beans brought to your table. The coffee is served from a jebena (clay pot), poured into traditional coffee cups, with incense burning on the side.

β€” Empress Tatyu menu

Though it took a while for our main courses to arrive, the time flew by as we had some great conversation and enjoyed spending time with friends. I'm also glad that Josh had the opportunity to try new tastes in this part of Cleveland history.