First snow

Getting ready, meeting friends, and temperature drops.

Getting ready

After having multiple occasions of not having power and/or heat over the years, I decided to shell out for these:

And while I’m no hardy backwoods prepper, I can attest it’s just as cold at night on New Years Eve without a furnace in my suburban home, as in a log cabin.

Here's hoping I won't need them.

Meeting friends

With the first week of November being in the high 70's, I made the most of it and met up with some friends. Also a good excuse to try some new beers too.

Last week was with my gaming buddy Jim at Goldhorn Brewery, where I enjoyed a pint of Pole Licker. A nice crisp IPA. Not too hoppy, and went down well with the loaded fries & schloppy sauce.

Couple of days ago I finally got to sit down again with Ken & Bob. Two colleagues from my time at Progressive. Settling in at Boss Dog Brewing I had a couple pints of Uncle Knuckles Christmas Ale. A robust dark ale, great for catching up after 2 years.

Temperature drops

Gloomy day with wet streets

From rolled-up sleeves and widows open, to being in the 30's today and the first snow settling on car roofs.

I did pick-up a new snow shovel, as well as 3 bags of pet-friendly ice melt this week, so we won't be caught short if it starts to come down heavy.

Winter is here.