Sunday brain dump

All the stuff I meant to post this week

Last but one load of laundry is spinning, rooms are dusted & vacuumed, and I'm catching up. Some articles mentioned in Warren's latest newsletter have been added to Instapaper, I'm on my second coffee, and the windows are letting in that crisp Autumnal air.


R.I.P. Robbie Coltrane

I know most people know him now from the Harry Potter films, but for me he was always the larger-than-life characters from 'The Comic Strip Presents', 'Blackadder', and especially 'Cracker'.

I ran into him once, literally. It was starting to rain and I was running from the Forbidden Planet comic shop back to Air Street in Soho. I slammed into someone, looked up, and there was Robbie Coltrane. "Watch where the fuck ya going" he growled.

Later found out the film units we'd seen packing up every morning, was shooting Mona Lisa.

BBC News on his death.

Destiny 2

This seasons storyline is nearly over. It's all about "space pirates" which has been fun, but now I have to grind through PvP activities if I want to complete the seasonal challenges. At least I don't have to do any Trials of Osiris.

The Division 2

Ooh, this has been rough. Though I have been enjoying the new content, there's been a whole lot of issues and bugs. Hopefully as the new (smaller) team finds its footing these will be ironed out. Fingers crossed for a new storyline next year.

The UK is in a mess

13 days after being announced as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng has now exited after the disastrous "mini-budget" announcement. How Liz Truss is still Prime Minister is anyone's guess.

Doctors are taking a ballot to strike for the first time in about a century.

My sister is looking into installing a wood-burning stove as fuel prices continue to rise and the Pound plummets.