Reply-Treading Water

In reply to Gregor...

Thanks for articulating this Gregor.

I'm not alone all the time with my wife, son, and two dogs in the house. But over the past 2 years, sitting at my desk in the basement, it can certainly feel like that.

My work requires two days in the office. The team I'm on is small—All vaccinated. For those days the building is pretty empty. But where I live in Ohio it has a yo-yoing COVID rate. I still wear a mask in large crowds, but like you I now tend to avoid them. I agree the response and guidance is lacking, as is the acceptance and understanding.

Cinema, meet-ups, happy-hours all gone by the wayside now.

I am lucky to have enjoy the occasional game night with friends (who share the same concerns) which refills that social battery for a while.

You're not alone. And it can, and will, get better.