You Gotta Hear This!

Conversations around soundtracks

This weekend I got the chance to catch up with episodes of You Gotta Hear This! A series of conversations between Austin Wintory (Composer) and Troy Baker (Actor).

Austin describes it as...

A new podcast series with Troy Baker called "You Gotta Hear this!" I have listened to thousands of works in my life that it seems criminal for not everyone to have heard, so I'm mending that one piece at a time and getting Troy's reaction. Tangents, as per norm, to be expected!

— Austin Wintory, Episode 1 summary

Now. I can't find this anywhere but on Austin's YouTube channel, so I wouldn't call it a podcast.

Austin is so enthusiastic about sharing the music & stories, and Troy is so eager to expand his knowledge in this area, it makes for a great time listening to them.

There are 16 videos, all around an hour or so long. Thoroughly recommend trying these if you have even a passing interest in music.