Reset the web, again

Are we due for another shift in how we use the web?

Over lunch last week one topic Bridget, Chris, and I touched on was being lured down the complexity rabbit-hole of blogging tools and the huge array of options we can tweak.

And no, you can't decide on which SSG to use until you've run through all the font libraries Chris! Sheesh.

Chris also mentioned how he's trying, a very cool microblogging tool (I syndicate this blog there). One thing he liked is that he can write and post photo's from his phone to it.

None of the (intentional) palaver I go through posting here.

And then I saw this from Warren

It’s ridiculous how much harder it’s got to use the basic tools to speak in complete sentences digitally.

β€” Warren Ellis, Waiting for the easy work

Social media giants now overtly make it known that their users are revenue. Though most don't really seem to mind, there is still growing desire to publish & consume content from others on the web.

It all reminds me of going around co-workers houses in the 90's and showing how to use a browser to "see the rest of the web" outside AOL, CompuServe, etc.

I'm not the first to point out the comparisons between Facebook Meta and the CD-Rom distributing walled gardens of yore.

And just to be clear. Web3, NFT's, blockchain, and "Crypto" is not the big shift.

I'm talking about the new LiveJournals, person maintained directories, and other "retro" tech that is slowly creeping in around the edges.