2022-07-24 retro

Look back at fragments of the day

One of my favourite comic writers, Alan Grant, died.

Judging from this quote, another of my favourite comic writers is turning into Percy Thrower.

I needed the stakes to pin back some over-energetic bedding plants. Once the season is over, I can cut back the plants and remove the stakes, which I can then saw into smaller pieces for firewood.

β€” Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations newsletter

Catching up with, and enjoying, episodes of the Ultima Thule podcast.

Last week I could hardly walk on my right leg. The pain from driving made me feel sick. Resting, icing, and stretching is making feel better. But my ankle is still puffy. Thought it was Plantar fasciitis, but looks more like Achilles tendinitis.

I managed to finish the latest Destiny 2 triumph for Solstice and get the title.