Destiny 2 catch-up

Season of the Haunted has been a lot of fun

There's two main games I play on the Xbox. The Division 2, and Destiny 2. The Division 2 has been going through some issues recently and updates are coming, albeit slowly.

Destiny on the other hand is storming along. Season after season, with 2 more years of content already planned.

The current season's storyline has had some great writing. Maybe it hit me due to personal events, but handling grief, regret, and working through the baggage you carry around was very effective.

Solar 3.0

One of the biggest changes Destiny made was to overhaul how a lot of powers work. This season it was Solar's turn.

I put together a build that is a lot of fun to play. It's Warlock with Sunbracer gauntlets and the Sunshot exotic hand cannon.

Basically when you kill NPCs they blow, causing everything around them to blow up too. This drops "wells" which, when you pick them up, give you more weapon damage. And the cycle continues.

And this seasons armor and shaders were very cool. See this screenshot of my current Warlock.

Older secrets

And with this being a huge game there a lot of secret challenges you can do. I never seem to get around to all of these during a season, but thanks to YouTube I've managed to find the 9 dead exo's on Europa, the 9 hidden Penguin toys, as well as recovering the lost dead ghosts and all the hidden rabbits on the Moon.

Next Season

Season of the Haunted is ending soon. I'm looking forward to see where they take the storyline next. Also if we're getting an overhaul of the Arc power too.