I used to be connected

Thinking back on how many people I used to talk to


Nicole Dominguez smiling. Photo from #WOCinTechChat

I see Nicole about once every couple of months.

We met in 2013 at Blendconf (still one of the best conferences I've attended), followed each other on "the socials" and went our separate ways—We've never met in person since.

Over the years we had conversations, shared tips & tricks, and "liked" each others photos. All of this happened on social networks. Since I closed down my accounts that stopped.

Yet, I see Nicole about once every couple of months.

That photo of Nicole is taken from the WOC in Tech Chat photo shoot, which took place in 2015.

Inevitably a newsletter or presentation I get will use her photo from that free collection of stock photography.

She's currently on InVision's homepage too.


Each time I see that photo from 2015 I'm reminded of all the great and interesting voices I've lost contact with.

Very few post, or even maintain, their own sites now. The likelihood of my attending in-person conferences in the coming years is, slim. Local meet-ups are few & far between, and most Slack channels are quiet.

And this is solely on my shoulders. I'm terrible at keeping in-touch. I can get insular, focussed, and procrastinate.

Maybe the latter half of 2022 I can make an effort. Try to re-connect.