Project finished

and now the work begins...

This week marks the official end of a (huge) project at work.

We're out of hypercare. The service implementor has rolled off, and our (fantastic) Project Manager has retired.

It also marks 20 months of me doing very little of what I was hired to do.

During this project I've worn the hats of 'Interim Team Manager', 'QA Tester', and 'Front-end Developer' to name a few. I've tracked down & entered invoices, been on numerous 2AM deploys, lead meetings, and had to make lots of non-UX related decisions. All of this working remotely thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I am the only remaining member of the original team (Hi Chris, Shannon, and Brad πŸ‘‹) who got the quotes at the start.

It's been stressful, frustrating, and disheartening at times. But, as "they" say, the only way out is through. We've had some laughs too, the new team rallying together under pressure.

But even though we have a litany of problems still to fix (and finding new ones daily), it does seem I can start getting back to the user experience and all that entails.