Back from a bittersweet trip to the UK

It's Saturday and I'm back in my own living room.

I'm looking over photo's, notes, and drafts from the last two weeks. I'll get around to posting them at some point, but for now some highlights.

Black and white photo of my Mum & Dad when they were young
Old photo we found of Mum & Dad in their youth

Saying goodbye

We had a celebration of Mum at the bungalow on Saturday. Sharon had organized a wonderful spread from Peggy's Cafe. We had a lovely time reminiscing with some of Mum's closest friends and neighbours.

On Monday we attended the internment of Mum's ashes. We also had them inter her parents ashes at the same time. All are at the tree in Southend Crematorium with my Dad.


We then spent the next weeks cleaning out the bungalow. The greenhouse, Summer house, and tool shed took the first week. Multiple journeys to the tip, filling two skips (dumpsters), and having various "scrappers" stop by to pick over things.

The loft spaces never seemed to end. Cupboards, cabinets, and drawers stuffed with memories.

Just when we thought we were doing okay, a small object would surface that would set us off.

First 8-yard skip filled
One of the skips (dumpster) we filled

Catching up

We had a wonderful night with Ian & Jo, and Martin over dinner. Caught up with Glyn (sadly his Sister had just died unexpectedly). And thanks to fat-fingering an imported contact in (recently installed) WhatsApp, re-connected with an old acquaintance.

Josh & I spent a lot of time with Sharon and her family, as well as each other. It was really nice.


And now it's back to work. Back to living. But I can't help thinking about what one of Mum's friends said as she left. We'll always have the memories of Marion, and the times we spent together.

And isn’t that all we are in the end. Other peoples memories, just waiting to happen.