Cracking spy thriller

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Mick Herron
Slow Horses
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I first heard about this book in 2019, via Warren's blog, and added it to my overlooked Kindle list. It was only when I saw the trailer for the TV adaptation that I remembered and bought it.

I devoured it one day.

Herron has a straight-forward style and drops you in the action on the first page. I didn't find a slow part in the whole thing. It has some of the same feel as the Le Carre novels I'd read, but turned up to 11.

There are still people in rooms deciding the fates of others. Spies searching through rubbish, standing in the rain, but this has the added urgency of something horrible happening in "real time" via the web. The twists & turns slowly reveal themselves, as do allegiances and true motivations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters (MI5 spies who've fucked up, but can't be fired) and settings (London's back streets, canals, and run-down offices).

Though I won't watch the show, I will certainly by buying the rest of the Slough House series.