Show is on a break or finished

Podcasts are disappearing from my player

'Show is on a break or finished' is a message I'm seeing more & more in my podcast player.

Long-standing favourites seem to disappear after moving to a silo. YouTube, Mixcloud, Spotify, etc.

I guess Dave Winer summed it up best...

If, at the end of your show you say "Available where you get podcasts," then my friend, you have a podcast. If you have to say "Only available on Spotify" (or some other exclusive service), good for you, but it's not a podcast.

β€” Dave Winer,

Here's some I miss.

The Monday Graveyard

A tweet from @mondaygraveyard stated the final episode is out now on Dec 2, 2021

I had to search for it as the website no longer loads, and Mark had moved his podcast to MixCloud in 2020. It's a shame, but understandable.

On the last episode he says he doesn't have copies of the old shows himself as his cloud storage was full. I have to assume as he didn't do sponsors the time & money to self-host was too much.

I couldn't run the last episode back to get his exact quote because scrubbing/replaying is reserved for 'Mixcloud Select' subscribers apparently.

You can listen to the last episode on Mixcloud.

Kahvi Collective Podcast

The net label Kahvi has been around for ages and release a ton of great material. They too have a Mixcloud account, but it's for listening to the releases. I haven't seen a podcast episode since May 2019.

Ultima Thule Ambient Music

These are recordings of the weekly radio program, another long-standing favorite. They too moved over to Mixcloud, but did retroactively update their podcast feed. The last one I saw in Pocket Casts was from July 2021. Same for Mixcloud.

I'm wondering if the radio program no longer airs.