As I’ve been away for a while I’m noticing a lot of changes that must’ve be trends.

A light naval grey seems to be the house color to have. Pair that with dark front doors with vertical steel poles for a handle. Solar panels dot the rooflines.

Barely a row of shops goes by without at least one Turkish Barber.

Chicken shops have sprung up, and the taste for PERi-PERi chicken (Nando's) seems rampant. We even got it as our outbound flight meal. The "traditional" British Indian Restaurant has also started carrying it, as well as new-to-me dishes like Naga Curry (hotter than a Vindaloo apparently)

I am 20 years behind on the latest slang. I feel as bemused as Josh when watching some TV shows. Ads for direct cremations and reminders to stop using online Bingo & gambling sites (by those very companies) abound.

I feel adrift. Peaking between the newness to find familiar waters again.