Well that was a shit week

Bad news, sad news, and general shite all round


By the end of the call with my sister, we were both sniffling back tears—Mum isn't doing well.

Though she's survived a heart attack, and lives with CREST Syndrome, we're finding out the pills that have been helping her liver condition are not doing the job any longer.

On our Skype calls she looks smaller. Older. It isn't news either of us wanted.

Josh & I are planning to fly to the UK very soon.


While playing with his group of kids at work, he ran into wall during a Kickball game. An hour later I'm sitting in Urgent Care with him, looking at the X-ray of his broken big toe.

Add to this, his car 'check engine' light is on. We just had this "fixed" a couple of weeks ago.


I get a call. She slipped and fell coming out of work. Luckily it was onto snow/grass/mud and not the concrete.

Since breaking her ankle last year (ER, pins, quarantine, ramps, it's a whole other post) I've been worried this would happen. Her Multiple Sclerosis causes her foot to drag at the best of times. Luckily it was just some bruises and embarrassment.


I got off light. Aches & chills the day after my booster jab, and a work project that sometimes feels it's more un-finshed the nearer to launch we get.

But as my Dad used to say...It's part of growing up, and being British.