Bye-bye wisdom tooth

Last of the porcelain mohicans

I've never been great with dentists (insert British teeth meme here). Add to that I seem to need much more anesthetic than most patients, my general low pain threshold, and a queasiness around the sight of blood—Tooth extraction fills me with dread.

This was the last of them to be extracted. Only now because it cracked and lost a bit. Luckily I wasn't in any pain over Xmas, while I waited for the appointment.

To add to the stress I drove through Lake Effect Snow in a rental car to get there.

I had checked-in online yesterday so I sat and waited. A quick round of x-rays and I was in the chair.

After at least 6 injections and two pauses it was out. I think even the oral surgeon was surprised I could still him poking around after the first 4 shots.

And no, I didn't want to see the tooth on the tray, thank you very much.

With a mouthful of blood & gauze I drove back. Picked up antibiotics, medicated mouthwash, and some very strong pain pills (just in case) in time to settle down for the weekend.