New phone

I just got my first iPhone

Since "smart phones" came out I've been solely in Camp Android. But, as I wrote back in 2020, Google has been slowly losing me.

Google stopped sending software updates in October '20 to my aging Pixel 2. If it wasn't for it restarting randomly when I try to take a photo, listen to a podcast, or browse the web, I'd still be using it.

So I've opted to jump in and get an iPhone 13 mini.

So far it's been great. I've only added back the bare minimum of apps;

  • 1 Password
  • Google Authenticator
  • Hey (email)
  • Pocket Casts (podcasts)
  • NewsNetWire (RSS feeds)
  • iBroadcast (music)
  • Evernote (notes)
  • Dropbox (files)
  • Slack (messaging)

Making use of the native Reminders, Calendar, Facetime, and Messages with my Macbook Air has been really nice.

Not having YouTube, and other Google apps, pre-installed helps be more distraction free and bombarded less with advertising.

Hopefully it lasts as long as my Pixel 2 did.