Adding bookmarks

Moving more of my stuff onto this site

Ever since I had access to the web I've been bookmarking pages I found interesting.

At first it was in a text file where I could copy & paste the URLs. Then I started using the built-in option my browser. When we started getting multiple browsers, using online "social" bookmarking services, like or Ma.gnolia, was essential.

Now both of those services are closed. I have the exported files from both, along with multiple saved copies of my browsers "favorites", sitting in Dropbox gathering "bitrot".

What now?

I've decided to start adding them here. I wanted them in a separate section to my posts, so I floundered around for an hour or so until I figured it out.

Created a bookmarks.njk file at the root of my Eleventy site. That created a bookmarks folder with a index.html file in it when built. I then created a bookmarks folder at the root, and added the individual files to that.

You can find them slowly amassing on my bookmarks page.

The markup of each uses the bookmark microformat, coz why not?

Hand-coded curation

As I'm a simple bear I'm hand-coding each one. So, yes it's going to take me a month-of-Sundays to get them all done. But this does afford me the chance of curating them.

Case in point.

One of my first Ma.gnolia entries is from 2006. It's a podcast of ambient music from Jim Butler. That URL is and can no longer be found. But he's still making music, and putting out a podcast, at

Still to do

  • Add microformats to entries listed on my bookmarks page
  • Look at creating an RSS feed for the bookmarks
  • Add recent bookmarks on homepage