Genesis Live

The Last Domino tour comes to Cleveland

Last night Josh & I experienced for the first, and last, time together Genesis play live.

The only other time seeing them play live was at Wembley Stadium in 1980's, which was fantastic. I was around the same age that Josh is now. Though, with an edge of melancholy, this show was as good as that experience.

Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, and Tony Banks playing on stage.

Light & sound

Genesis always had great lighting, and this was no exception. Extending into the audience, making us in the nosebleeds feel part of it, the whole arena transformed. With 'Mama', Phil Collins face projected behind them in a sea of churning red, looking like a manic hobgoblin. 'House by the Sea' was all spooky, off-kilter, greens and yellows.

The sound was loud yet clear. Banks, Rutherford, and Stuermer were still playing at stadium levels. Showing off their chops with various solos through the set.

Nick Collins (Phil's son) was good, but I felt, a little plain. And I get he's between a rock and a hard place. Everyone wants Genesis to sound like his dad. This didn't give him much room to make it his own. I would've loved to see Chester Thompson return for a drum duet with him, but I guess he and Phil never reconciled.

Blue lights fill the arena

The last tour

It was obvious this was the last time these guys would play live. Phil sat the whole set. And though his voice is still good, the backing singers were there to fill out the "larger" parts of songs he couldn't reach. Between songs he'd have the same cheeky banter, and the audience participation was fun.

Set list

A great mix of old faves, bangers, and more recent songs.

'Behind the lines', 'Turn it on', 'Mama', and 'Land of Confusion' kicked it off.

Songs like 'Fading Light' and 'After Glow' hit me hard, emotionally, in this setting. I wasn't alone it that.

Singing along to 'I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)', 'I Can't Dance, and 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' with everyone was brilliant.

We both had an amazing time and I'm glad I got to share it with Josh.