First real snowy day

New snow, new COVID-19 varient

2 dogs looking out of snowy window

Just before Thanksgiving saw the start of Little Snow, according to The Small Seasons Guide.

小雪・Shōsetsu・Little Snow
Light snowfall appears. Northern winds have blown the last leaves from the trees.

Though a couple of days late, you can see that from the photo. Rosie & Milo sat watching the snow fall on the bare trees, from the warmth of the couch.

The pandemic is still here

At work there's talk of returning to the office, but not until January. Driving in the snow is something I'd like to avoid as much as possible. But even that timeline could be optimistic with the discovery of the Omicron varient of COVID-19 in the UK and the USA banning travel from certain countries.

I still carry a mask everywhere I go, and tend to throw it on more & more when I'm in stores.