Bait and switch from Insight Editions

Free download, just kidding.

With the release of the new film DUNE there was a lot of excitement about the films composer, Hans Zimmer, writing music to the accompanying book "The Art and Soul of DUNE". Insight Editions, the publisher, had a sign-up for a 'free download' of this.

The email was delivered with the subject line of "Download Hans Zimmer's exclusive soundtrack to THE ART AND SOUL OF DUNE now!" and a big button that reads 'Get my free download'

screenshot of free download button in email

Click/touch that takes you to a page listing Amazon and iTunes as places you can download, but each of those want $10.49 to buy the soundtrack.

Clicking on Insight Editions social links in the email revealed others confused as to where the free download was.

Their reply, on Facebook, to people running into the same issue as me was...

We apologize for the confusion. It's free to stream the book soundtrack on YouTube. For a download, you'll need to be subscribed to one of the services offered on the landing page or purchase the soundtrack on iTunes or Amazon.

β€” Insight Editions, Facebook

To me this smells like a straight forward bait-and-switch. No where did it mention the download was free, only if you were subscribed to a streaming service (that carried the album) that allowed downloads.