Less bonkers, more epic

As the coming soon trailers ended, lights dimmed and the screen went black. Out of nowhere came a booming guttural voice with the subtitles "Dreams are messages from the deep" flashing at the bottom of the screen. Then came the studio titles, and we were off.

This new version of Dune takes its time, but certainly didn't feel long. In fact Josh & I were a little surprised when it ended.

It is a vast spectacle. Denis Villeneuve conveys the enormous scale of the ships, deserts, and cities wonderfully. The storytelling is less performative than the Lynch version. I found myself listening to the conversations, over watching them play out.

Hans Zimmer's score propelled the film along. And while it was definitely new territory for him, I personally didn't find it that "out there". Hints of Lustmord, God Speed You Black Emperor, Peter Gabriel, and even Brain Eno seemed apparent to me.

I really enjoyed it in the cinema, and glad to hear that he's been given the go-ahead for making part 2.