Winter is coming

Starting to prepare, mentally and physically

Today is the start of 'The Descending Frost' according to The Small Seasons Guide. And it feels like it.

霜降・Sōkō・Frost Descends
The first frosts. Rains disappear as the maple leaves and ivy turn yellow.

Though is wasn't particularly cold, it's been raining on and off all this week, more so today. The air has taken a dip and the sky is less bright.

Josh took off for a long hike. Julie worked. I did some errands, dog to the groomers etc., and started packing away my Summer clothes. This makes it sound like I have a large wardrobe, but I don't. More like putting away the 6 short-sleeved cotton shirts and bring out the plaid, thick, long-sleeved ones.

I plan on starting up the snow blower tomorrow, or at least trying. If we need it serviced I'd rather do that now.

The days are shorter and I'm getting that "hunkering down" feeling.

The heating just kicked in. Time to start reaching for the blankets.