Video games

What I have been playing recently

I've been diving into some different games recently. Splitting my time between some new titles, and old favourites.


I've been waiting on this for some time, and it doesn't disappoint. Sable lets you guide the titular character through a rites of passage that takes place in a world, very much like the drawings of Moebius.

So far it's a gentle ride. No combat, or death from falling. A lovely soundtrack, and immersive world that promotes exploration. I haven't finished it, just taking my time.

Character looking out across desert from roof

Destiny 2

We bought the original Destiny for the Xbox 360, but Destiny 2 didn't grab us. That being said, as the game has progressed I've been enjoying it more & more now it's on Game Pass. So much so that I bought the latest Season Pass and have been really enjoying it.

A ton of lore, multiple storylines, and an all round good "looter shooter". I think I'll be buying the Witch Queen expansion when it comes out next year.

Warlock sitting in chair

The Division 2

Oh dear. We've had our issues haven't we.

After I posted what I wanted in Division 3 Ubisoft announced that the game was supposed to end with the current season (SPOILERS-No players guessed that at all), but there would be new content coming due to the continued community support (and being asked point blank during an earnings call).

Some of you had noticed that Title Update 12 was originally meant to be the last major Title Update for The Division 2...

β€” The Division 2 Development Team, Blog post

What's followed, since February, has been pretty much radio silence. They've re-run last years content. We had a whole series of bugs, our main characters disappear from the loading screen (see screenshot) after a patch, and virtually all the existing development team either leave or transfer to new projects.

Here's hoping they pull it together because I really enjoy this game, but it's getting harder to find a reason to play.

Main screen with character missing


This got an update with a new character. Still delightful. Still hitting me in the feels.

The Long Dark

And Part 4 of the story mode, Fury, then Silence, has now been released. I've held ff from playing Part 3 until this was out. So now I have a big chunk of content to play through, which I'm looking forward to.