Spent 2 days driving around Ohio

Josh is now looking at universities. This means doing visits, which once again brings home how big Ohio (let alone the USA) is.


Monday was Gannon University in Erie PA. This was a three-and-half hours roundtrip. Tuesday was Wright State University, near Dayton, a near 8 hour roundtrip.

Both of the tours were good. About 2 hours packed with information, a walking tour of the campus & housing, all with Covid precautions in place. Both seems very walkable and each had pros & cons.

I think Josh made a decision.


On the trips we listened to some podcasts. A couple we both like are Lore and Darknet Diaries. A little music from the Hypnagogue podcast and some film talk by Mark Kermode.

A new one I found was The Album Years. This is Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, No-man) and Tim Bowness (No-man) discussing favourite albums from a different year. I found this a real trip down memory lane, and some of the albums they discussed Josh has been discovering, on his own, through Spotify.


After a while, on these two endless stretches or tarmac & concrete, you realise that nothing looks different. The town names on the green signs change, but the array of petrol stations and fast food chains are all the same at each intersection. The sporadic new builds, that pop-up along the freeways, all seem to be the model house with the same neutral siding.

Occasionally we drop out of cruise control for the obligatory road works, and then it's right back to moving between the 18-wheelers.

I've never been a fan of driving. This just re-enforced it for me. I would rather sit in an airport, or take a train, than drive along these freeways to get somewhere. The places in-between are all the same.