This too will disappear when I die

Nothing is forever

We think it'll be a 'digital legacy' but that's just a warm fallacy that's staves off the fear of being forgotten.

Current setup

This current website uses Eleventy. That means markdown (text) files are turned into web pages and uploaded manually. When I die no one will open my laptop and write a markdown file, then FTP it to my server space. No new posts.

Web barriers

After 6 months, or less, the SSL Certificate will expire. That means most modern web browsers won't display the site, unless you intentionally click past the warning.

After 12 months, give or take, the domain name will expire. Unless you know the IP address (which even I don't) no one will be able to get to the files that make up this site.

Past that we get into speculation of how long my hosting provider will stick around etc., but you get the point.

So at best I can rely on about 3 months of this site being here after I pop my clogs.